Type of Visa


"Single-"or "Multiple Entry"

SINGLE-visa means that the visa you are given allows you to enter the country in question ONE time within the time of validity (see visa dates)
MULTIPLE-visas give you the right to enter SEVERAL times within the time of validity.
DOUBLE entry TWO times within time of validity.


Tourist- business- or visitvisa.

"Touristvisa" is applied for when you go on a tourist-trip AND don´t have any contacts in the country besides a hotel or a travel agent.

"Businessvisa" is applied for when you have business to perform in the country, i.e. business-meetings or other administrative work. Many countries also allow you to install, give lectures, supervise a project on a business visa. If you work is longer than 12 months you are normally asked to get a work permit. Business-visas normally require some kind of invitation, or at least a guarantee-letter from your employer. See next chapters/links.

"Visitvisa" is applied for if you have ANY KIND of private contacts in the country, a relative or a friend. Even if your trip will consist of more or less touristic activities you will be applying for a visit-visa if you on the application form write that you have private contacts . Normally the consulate will ask for an invitation-letter from your contact in these cases.

(eller ett besöksvisum) är ett visum du söker när du har en bekant, släkting eller vän i landet i fråga, och är med andra ord inte en "vanlig" turist. Dessa visum behöver en inbjudan från din kontakt / personen i fråga.

Validity and Period of Stay

Valitdity is the time frame in which you have to cross the border to the country in question. If you have a multiple visa you may enter several times within the validity timeframe.

Period of Stay , is the maximum length of time that you are allowed to stay in the county having crossed the border. For multiple-visas this period is renewed every time you cross the border.

Sometimes you may enter the country a few days before the exiration of the visa. IF there is a "Period of Stay" given in your visa, you may stay for so long, even if your stay then would go behind the last "Date of validity."

If there is no "Period of Stay" on your visa, this means normally that you have to enter and leave the country before the visa expires. (In / out within the validity-period)

Many countries hav a possibility to extend the period of stay. This is normally done at the Immigration Office in the country in question. IMPORTANT: this has to be applied for AND be approved BEFORE your visa expires !!