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Cameroon - Consulate remains closed for summer-holidays during weeks 27 - 31. No consular service available.

Nigeria - Issuance again of business-, visit- TWP- and STR visas. Still no tourist visas issued at present.

Nigeria - The consulate has re-instated the so called "adm.fees" which are to be paid to the consulate's own bank-account at a Swedish bank.. Various prices for various services.

Ghana - embassy still closed for visits due to Covid19, but posted visaapplications are considered..

Nigeria - Nigerian consulate open weekly only monday-wednesday due to the pandemia.

Angola - the consulate receives short-term visa-applications, starting today.

Tanzania - visa-applications are made online.

Liberia - new application form.

Pakistan - new prices for Pakistani visas

Congo Brazzaville - Proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever is not requred during the visa-application process, but may be asked for at the border.

Ghana - only one form and one photo needed for visa-applications.

Ethiopia- New visa prices for Ethiopian visas

Azerbaijan- Tourists may now apply for a 30-day e-visa without sending passport or application. E-mail or call all us !!

Pakistan - NOTE: Tourist visa-applicants have to submit a confirmation of travel arrangements in Pakistan.

Congo DRC- All applications have to be run through the Congo Foreign Ministry for approval. This gives a longer processing-time. About 10 days.


Ethiopia - Stricter requrements for businessvisa-applications - all visas need clearence from MOFA in Addis Abeba. (Does not apply to tourists.)

Nigeria/Estonian citizens The Nigerian consulate in Stockholm does not accept Estonian applications anymore, unless you live in Scandinavia. The applications must be sent to Ukraine.


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