Tourist- or businessvisa - which to apply for?

Sure, it is possible to apply for a tourist visa even if you would have business to conduct. There is a pre-knowledge around that a tourist-visa is easier to apply for than a business-visa. This may very well be the case, but let me give you a useful hint when considering this.

If you consider to apply for touristvisa, but are going there on business, remember NOT to give away any contacts (besides hotel) in the section where the form is asking for "Your Contacts" Otherwise they will ask for an invitation.

If you have in invitation, don´t apply for a touristvisa.

If, for any reason, the consulate would be asking themselves if this really is a touris-trip, they may very well ask for a touristic programme and/or confirmation thereof from a local travel agent. Having reached this position it is now difficult to go back on your info. A touristic programme can be difficult and expensive, not to mention time-consuming, to arrange.

Saudi Arabia and Libya have no tourist visas, other than one type where you are invited by the Ministry of Foreign affaires. (For this you need a local travel agent as your sponsor.)