How does our service work?
Visa and legalizations.


You need a visa

Do the following:

Enter the instruction page of the country of your goal.
Print out the application form - they are saved in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Check you passport - it must be valid at least 6 months. Fill in the form, get your photos and arrange your invitation-letter and/or guarantee-letters if the instruction says they are needed.
Send the application with your original passport and photos to us. If you want the application to be submitted to the consulate on the same day it reached us, it must reach us before 10.00 am.
If we find any faults or questions we will contact you and sort them out before we submit the application to the consulate. We pay the correct amount (visa fee) to the consulate who then approves your visa.
We pick up the visa when it is ready and arrange the return to you having consulted with you.

Since we have good relations with the consulates and since the consulates know that we have done a check-up before submitting it, we pay the correct visa fee - so we have the possibility to negotiate the processingtime to a minimum. But please remember not to buy or book any flight-tickets until you are sure that the passport with the visa will reach you on time. The issuance of visas is the sole prerogative of the consulate - visas are NOT "for sale".


Many things lye beyond our control. It is important to know that we have limited our liability to EUR 500,00 for each case we handle. This provided that the mistake has been made by us and not by any of our sub-contractors, or is the result of so called "Force Majeur" circumstances, i.e losses or delays due to weather, other forces of nature, accidents, stikes or other problems on the labour-market. When the delay or loss accurs while in the hands of the Mail or a courier-service it is good to know that they follow the Warsaw-convention and it's paragraphs on limitations of liability.

Also remember that we cannot influence the consulates (and their processing-time) other than by maintaining an accurate. polite and proper conduct towards them.


You need to legalize a document.

When having businesses with certain countries you may need to legalize your business documents in the country's consulate. It may be invoices, certificates of origin and other documents. We gladly help you doing this - we need you, however, to call or mail us - the instructions for this varies in a way that is impossible to have on an instruction sheet.

Telephone: +46 8 583 55 889