Welcome to our Visaservice in Stockholm !

We have implemented our new homepage. It will consist of all our instructions in Swedish and Finnish. The most important will also be found in English. The homepage may still consist of several minor technical faults, but it is repaired and tuned daily - hopefully it will be fully functional in time. Please inform us if you find any bugs - send an e-mail !

Scan Guide Visaservice has been in the travelbusiness since 1963. Twenty years later we started a visaservice at that time for our Finnish customers, primarily Finnish Travel Agents that needed help applying for visas for their customers. Our customers today turn to us mainly of two reasons, it is either too complicated to dive into and understand the different instructions of various consulates, or then, it is a matter of timesaving.

The foreign consulates to which we provide instructions and application forms are found through the links on the start-page. The instructions are given in Swedish or Finnish, and a growing number in english. The goal is to have every instruction in enghlish as well.

We are here for you so that you will get your visa fast, by doing it right from the beginning, it will save you time, money and strain.