Guarantee letter

Your employer writes a guarantee-letter to the consulate.

Guarantee-letters are needed to business-visas only. The letter is written by your employer. The following must be observed:

In the letter your employer must tell that:

- you are employed by him, (for Saudi also for how long)
- why you travel to the country in question and who youa are going to meet
- when the journey takes place, and how long your period of stay is.
- info about your contact in the country, name, address and telephone-No
- if you need a multiple-visa - you should explain why
- guarantee given that the company will pay all costs
(and for Saudi visa also the following:
- that the CEO is personally responsible for the applicants stay in Saudi Arabia )

It is important that:

- the letter is written on conpany letter-head paper
- the letter must be addressed to the consulate in Stockholm
- the letter is signed by the applicants boss or company CEO. By no means by the applicant himself.

(and for Saudi visa also the following
- the letter must be stamped either on the Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm or Helsinki)

We have a matrix for your guarantee-letter on every instruction page. (if a guarantee-letter is asked for.)
It is saved in MS Word - save it, edit it - and print on company paper. Ready !