Embassy of Nigeria
Consular Section
Box 628



Electronical form

Guaranteeletter / example (doc)

Personal letter example



Period of stay:

Max 30 days/visit.

Validity of visa:
Business: 1-6 months
Tourist: 1-3 months

Singlevisa 1 m
Multiplevisa 6m only

Visa fees:

Single SEK 1.450:-
Multiple. SEK 1.850:-

TWP (Temporary Work permit) SEK 1.500:-

STR /Subject to Regulation) SEK 2.550:-


5 days. No express

STR visas may take up to 2 weeks.



Map of Nigeria






Nigeria Nigeflagga

Estonian citizens must send their applications to Kiev / Ukraine. Unless you live in a Scandinavian country.
You will find their instructions here:  


Tourist-visa (Scandinavian citizens)


(You have relatives or friends in Nigeria inviting you)

As the tourist-visa above, only take away the hotel-confirmation and bankstatement. Add an invitationletter from your contact in Nigeria. It must reassure the embassy that your contact will provide you with food and lodging in Nigeria, using the statement "we take full immigration responsabilities for X's stay in N." It must contain address and phone-numbers to your contact PLUS a copy of his/her Nigerian passport.
NOTE that the letter must be addressed to the consulate i.e.- this is NOT a letter for you, but for the consulate.



As the touristvisa above, but you can get a multiple visa valid for 12m (only) provided your passport stays valid up to the 6 months limit.

Like tourist-visa above but take away the hotellconfirmation, bankstatement and itinerary. Add:

TWP (Temporary Work Permit) and
STR (Subject To Regulation) -visas.

If you need TWP or STR visas - please call us - we will walk you through the paperwork.

Send your application to:

Scan Guide
Smedvägen 5

Contactperson: Markku Kahva
Telephone: +46 8 583 55 889

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