(Normally not needed for tourist-visas.)


Alt 1. Your company in the country in question writes a letter

It is important that:

- the letter is addressed to the consulate in question
- the letter is printed on company letter-head paper
- the letter contains info about WHY you visit them and a line about the ongoing project

Almost every consulate accepts a copy of the letter, mailed as enclosure in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)


Alt 2. Order, approval from Foreign Ministry

The invitation may also be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affaires in the country in question.

Your contact in the country applies for your order at the Ministry who then sends a confirmation of this directly to the consulate in Stockholm. It is often called a "Order" or an "Approval". Once your order is found at the consulate you may submit your application- There are consulates that do visas on Order-basis ONLY. Libya is one such example.

Even if you get an "Qrder" you must submit all other documents asked for in the instructions. (Only a call from a person of high rank (Member of Parliament or similar position) may result in NOT having to sumbit all documents.)


Alt 3. Invitation for Visit-visa.

A visit visa is needed if you are going to visit friends or relatives in the country in question. In this case the friend or relative himself writes a letter addressed to the consulate. In this letter he must declare his data (name address, telephone No) He must also guarantee you food and lodging for the time of your stay. The letter may be faxed or mailed to you and then submitted to us with the rest of the application.