Every consulate has it's own consular fees for visas or legalizations. We strive to having our web-page updated on this matter, but as prices may vary overnight and without prior notice, we may have situations were the prices are out of date. That is why it is important that leave the visafee-payment to us. We keep the prices updated.

What to pay when using Scan Guide's visaservice.

- The visa-fee of the consulate and visa-type in question.
- If you need express-service, and it is provided by the consulate there is an extra fee for this.
- The service fee of ScanGuide - please call us for this information.
- Mail- or courierservice, as agreed.
- Sometimes there is a banking charge built in inthe visa-fees given on our pages.

Please note that no visa-fees are refunded if, of any reason, you are NOT given your visa. This is VERY unusual.

Companies are invoiced (payment due 20 days). Private visas / individuals pay when the visa is ready, but before it is sent to you.