1. I am not a citizen of a Scandinavian country, but I live and work in Scandinavia
In this case you are allowed to benefit from the services of the Stockholm consulates, provided at you can show a valid residence-permit or visa to a Scandinavian country.
Many of our consulates have the same instructions for every nationality, but not all. It is best if you mail us or give us a call to check your case first.

2. When should I apply?
About one month before your departure is a good time to be sending your application, or at least start planning to do so. Note that some visas are only valid for one month after the issuing, therefore do not apply too early.

3. Your Passport read our notes about the passport through links on the startpage, "Preparations" and "Passport"

4. Application forms?- our every instruction-page has it's own link to the form in question. Good tips about filling in form can be found through links on the startpage, "Preparations" / "Application Form"

5. Costs - info about the costs involved through links on startpage, "First time?" / "Costs"

6. Consulates and their opening hours to the public.
Many consulates are open to the public only a few hours every morning. This means that your application must reach us before 10.00am IF you want it to be submitted on the same day.

7. How do I send my application?
This is a question of time at disposal. Use a courier-service (DHL, TNT, UPS or similar) if you feel that you are short of time, otherwise use express-mail service, please don't register the shipment it takes a day extra. The express-mail service gives you a code-No that can be tracked through the mail-homepage, just like the courierservices.

8. Visa at the border?
Meny countries give aspecially Scandinavian Citizens or citizens of EU the possibility to arrange their visa upon arrival at the airport. NOT the countries we serve here, with a few exemptions. When considering to get your visa at the border. please note this:

-you may have to count in several hours in a queue for visas at the airport.
-check the opening hours of the visa-stations at the airport, aspecially if your flight arrives at a time outside normal working hours.
-check that the AirlineCompany allows you to board the flight WITHOUT the pre-visa - some Airlines requires the pre-visa even if the country in question doesn't.
-check what documents are needed for your visa at the border BESIDES the form and photos + passport. If any.
-be adviced that smaller borderstations along highways / interstate roads do not have visa-offices. Only possibility to enter is with pre-visa.